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 Welcome to reVolt! OS

Just released(Nov. 2016).

reVolt! OS is a free online cross-browser Javascript Widget System for Database Driven Applications.
Publish your ideas on the reVolt! OS marketplace and offer it to other users.

It offers users and publishers(developers) a full IAM(Identity and Access Management), plus a means of issuing Licenses for Apps and collect revenues from subscribers. 
reVolt! OS creates runnable PHP/JAVASCRIPT/mySQLi Code that builds the basis for applications and can be enhanced to support the requirements.
Apps run in a standard graphical user enviroment with drag drop supported Windows and other features.

In short, it is a Marketplace and AppStore for database Applications.
Login/Register at Widget Site.

This documentation site is still under construction, but be invited to join this project and bring your ideas.


reVolt! OS Screenshot

When was the last time you built an application like this in less than 15 minutes?

Developers use it to create data-driven business applications(code generated by reVolt! OS based on PHP/mySQL),
publish them and let other users access them.
Developers can choose to grant licenses( free or fee required ).
reVolt! OS will then validate each user accessing your app for a valid license and collect fees for the developer.

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