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Billing Models

This system is free for developers and users of free Apps published by developers.

reVolt! OS lets developers transform their ideas into business applications, and offers a way of turning good work into revenue.
Apps can be published on our marketplace, where users purchase licenses for the app.
From each purchase, the platform will claim 25%. 

reVolt! OS provides

  • a Database(currently mySQL) plus tools to manage it(phpAdminer)
  • Server space for your PHP/JS code plus file versioning
  • SSL Secured Connections
  • an App Marketplace where users can browse for and license  apps
  • License checking(time-based, flat)
  • Billing
    Users that license applications will be invoiced by the amount the publisher set for the usage of an app. 
  • Clearing
    Publishers will receive monthly payments.

 You can open a free account on reVolt! OS and start creating and publishing apps within only minutes.

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