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  • Is reVolt! OS really free(I mean really really).
    reVolt! OS uses the 'NO FREE MEALS' Licensing model. You will never be charged any amount, but may have to accept placements of commercials on your app space when using the system.

  • Am I restricted to any framework when starting developing apps that run on reVolt! OS?
    You can use whatever framework you like to build your enhancements and Widgets, reVolt! OS itself does use a mod of early days YUI2.
    So plug in your jQuery or anything. 

  • Will the generated code run on other servers?
    Your PHP Code will(with a slight mod to the connect part of the database).



  • Can I connect directly to my mySQL Database?
    Connections are handled by some runtime installed on still some other server that you do not have access to.
    At least for basic accounts(which are free) we need to restrict running applications only in the reVolt! OS realms. 

  • Does reVolt! OS collect my personal data?
    Not interested. Our policy is to have only a minimum data set from paritcipants. This is the Email address of a registered user.
    That's it. Parties that start selling, buying on the platform will have to provide more data for invoicing/clearing balances.
    But even then we do not collect credit card information or any other personal data that is private to the users.
    Our business was never planned and should never be selling data of our users.

  • Can I install reVolt! OS on my own servers?
    Not yet. We want to support this but still work on it.
  • Is there a mobile version of reVolt! OS?
    There are ideas on how to achieve this, but since we are brand new this will exceed our available work force at the moment.

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