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Serverless Cloud

reVolt! OS offers a free Serverless Cloud to its subscribers. Serverless means publishers and users can have their own space and processing power without being obliged to rent a server or buy resources from a Cloud Provider.

If you are a PHP/mySQL/Javascript developer and want to transform your ideas into applications that you can offer to a broader range of audience,
but renting and maintaining a server would be a bit much, sign up for a free reVolt! OS account  and start right away.
Develop your ideas into applications and publish your app on the reVolt! OS Marketplace.

We do the metrics for you.

When developing and publishing Apps based on reVolt! OS Cloud, your App will run in a standard enviroment that uses connections to a database and serves business logic from a different server. When your App becomes more popular and creates more load in terms of required processing power, memory or disc space,
resources can be shifted to other servers to handle the workload.
reVolt! OS has means of detecting these circumstances and can automatically switch to a different resource.




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