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About reVolt! OS

reVolt! OS came into life in 2008 as something different(a pure Widget system) and developed into what has become now a Business App Hosting Platform.
Partly cloudy - not really Cloud in a sense of dispensing processor power or storage to users, but Cloudy enough to relieve publishers from having to rent a server,
doing all setup, IAM, billing themselves, plus: providing a standard user interface to their users.

For those looking for a Serverless Cloud to publish their ideas, this could be the place.
And yes, it is free, no hidden costs, use it.
The business model of this platform is the same you know from any app store or market place. When you start monetizing your application, the marketplace will take a share of it. 

The user interface

reVolt! OS is not much about fancyness(at least right now 2016).
It targets is clear business applications and efficiency.
So do not expect too much of a flashing UI - it was designed to work.

On many things we had to give up and focus on functionality, but still have this in mind.
The platform will be customizable for users to give it an individual Look and Feel in the future.


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