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SAP HANA Mashup:
While dealing with SAPUI5 Development, we found it intriguing to host HANA Apps on reVolt! OS.
Since reVolt! OS runs on Apache2 + PHP, not the easiest goal to achieve.
Event though not complete yet, it turned out that our system could handle the integration of SAPUI5 Applications
without much programming. See this Article for a first look.


We were thinking. And came to the conclusion that the process of creating an Application could even be easier.
Now your Web App is only a few clicks away. 

You can sign up for a free account at reVolt! OS and start creating Web Apps instantly.

Semi-Automated Deployment


With AppGenerator V. a Toolwindow was added that offers some links to support sequential creation of your Application.
Just start the AppGenerator from the main menu 'Developer->App Generator'.
You can use the sample setup and just click on 'Create'.

AppGen Dialog


AppGen Tool Window

First of all your database should be present, else generation of an app would not be possible.
But that is easy just got to main menu and open Developer->Generate Database:

Menuitem Generate DatabaseToo easy.

Now just click one Link after another:

  1. Generate Code
    The system will create some files on a server that will represent your Application.
    You will be prompted to download your Files to your local disk afterwards.
  2. Deploy Code
    Deploying your code will copy the files to a location on a custom server where you and your customers can access the Application.
  3. Run App
    Now you can instantly run your Application. Click on the link and start working right away.

 Try it out at reVolt! OS

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