Mastering reVolt! OS is your guide to advanced topics of the platform and will support your developments.

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Mastering reVolt! OS

On these pages the more advanced and most powerful features of reVolt! OS are revealed to the well-disposed reader.
At this stage(Dec.2016 Release 1.7.12.**) the text is still under development.
Please indulge us.


rvt was developed to enable others to achieve things real quick and to a real benefit for the developer and his/her users.
Many things only came up while rvt was developed and where not much relevant or even not existing in the beginning of reVolt! OS:


  • Share Economy
    the new way of offering services or resources and let others participate.
  • Serverless Cloud
    having the need and the possibilities to 'just use' a service without 'buying/renting' the whole thing.
  • node.js
    a major step towards microservices opening many options to developers.
  • Machine Learning
    Let machines do the work. All the Software just made life harder, not easier all these decades.
  • ...
    Sure more things out there.


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