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 A free service for PHP/mySQL/Javascript Devs to quickly turn ideas into database apps and share them.

reVolt! OS enables developers
publish their ideas into
business apps.


Why reVolt OS?
We are a Software Making Company since 2011 and overall creating database applications since 1992.

reVolt! OS was developed to

  1. relief developers from dealing with ever the same tasks when creating database apps:
    Client Login, Authorization, Displaying and Changing Data, Handling Backend Communications, the User Interface, Error Handling, Messages and more.
  2. offer developers to publish their work and have the opportunity to collect license fees for their work.
  3. provide small businesses to connect to a pool of business applications and purchase affordable Software.

reVolt! OS simply handles all tasks for developers and customers, therefore enables them to focus on what makes the
difference between having a good idea and bringing it to market easily. 

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